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Project Finance

At Bachmann & Welser we are able to provide independent advice on project finance.

These facilities are offered by finance products and are considered on a case by case bases.

Most funds will require a commitment from you when they have issued a Letter Of Interest (LOI) or Decision In Principle (DIP).

After a consideration of the project and a clear agreement from the Funders to proceed, we will issue our Terms Of Business (TOB), which will be transparent in our fee structure and that of the Funder.

We only accept projects that we feel confident we can get funded.

If we take your project on, it will be because we think it has merit and stands a good chance of funding. You will need to ensure you have all the necessary documentation to support your application. Once your application and supporting material is submitted, you will be contacted for any clarifications or questions that will assist us in providing you the best suitable financing the market has to offer.

We ask that you provide complete and accurate information on all of your application and supporting documentation. Any missing information or misrepresentations only slow down the process of your successful funding.

Listed below is the information we are likely to require to get your project funded. Some information may be applicable to your project and some not. Please provide as much relevant information so we can help you get funding:

  • Business Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Proforma Financials
  • Balance Sheet
  • Resumes of Principals
  • Resume of Developer and List of Projects Completed
  • Appraisal Report (if applicable/ must be performed by an acceptable Certified appraiser or equivalent)
  • Feasibility Study
  • Breakdown of Funds already invested in the project
  • Detail Use of Funds
  • Comprehensive Exit Strategy
  • Power Purchase Agreement
  • Off Take Agreements / Letters of Interest / Contracts etc
  • Assays/Geological Reports/ Proof of Reserves