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About us

Africa is being talked of as the next engine of global economic growth.

Strategically, we established ourselves in the continent through our London office in 2023. It has given us a head start in understanding and working intricate channels of the corporate and banking world in Africa. 

Our Africa desk dedicatedly caters to the financial requirements of local and global businesses across more than 30 African countries. With our finger firmly on the pulse of this untapped, yet booming, economic potential, we have carved out an exciting niche for ourselves in Africa.

With London as our base and working directly with regional officers, we have absorbed deep knowledge of key business aspects across the continent. Region-specific knowledge that covers local markets and business potential, banking infrastructure, regulatory framework and guidelines.

We offer clients structured solutions for Guarantee, Trade & Project finance, start up’s and business financing and customised solutions and new products with the help of insurance wraps, and advise in capacity building for development of new products like factoring and leasing.

The strength of our offering is that it is not sector-dependent; proven time and again by our success across sectors – from Hospitality, Healthcare and Education, to Agriculture, Mining and Oil & Gas, to Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Logistics and Infrastructure projects.

Our strong inbuilt credit and risk management practice allows us to efficiently execute mandates for even large Africa-centric clients. Our portfolio is virtually the map of Africa, studded with clients who have presence or projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, to name a few. Broadly, we provide services to start up’s, established businesses, large Corporate, Financial Institutions, DFIs and Sovereigns across Africa.

Our experience

Businesses increasingly insist that their trading partners support their contractual obligations with a bond or guarantee.

To provide you with support and meet this requirement, we offer a full range of on demand domestic and foreign bonds and guarantees, including bid/tender, performance, warranty, advance payment guarantees and standby letters of credit.

A guarantee arranged by Bachmann & Welser will provide your trading partner with evidence of your financial standing and proof of your commitment to fulfil your contractual obligations.

In addition to our suite of standard guarantee wordings we can issue customised guarantee formats.

A standby letter of credit is an alternative to a bond or guarantee that sits behind an underlying contract, providing an undertaking by a bank to guarantee payment in the event of non-payment or performance by a buyer or seller, as the case may be.

What we provide

Timely Delivery of Service

We recognise the urgency of your transactions, it’s why our process are simpler so you meet your schedule and grow faster.

Dedicated Professionals

We house a team of highly trained officers who are well-versed and ready to advise regarding your needs.

Customer-Centric Business

It’s always about our clients and we help identify the best arrangement for them.

Support of Your Growth

As our clients grow, we make sure we can provide them what they need to become more competitive.

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